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The historical city of Oxford is located just a short drive from Reading, and this makes a fascinating day trip destination. While parking in Oxford is notoriously difficult, this problem can be easily solved by booking Minibus Hire Reading. Famed for its educational institutions, Oxford is much more than just a university town. With varied performing and fine arts scenes, magnificent historic buildings and lively nightlife, Oxford is a delightful destination for visitors.

Christ Church College is a must-see, if only for its association with Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter series of movies, whose Hogwarts scenes were shot at the college. One of the largest colleges in Oxford, Christ Church is also regarded as the most aristocratic and even boasts its own cathedral. Dating from the 16th century, Christ Church’s most notable architectural feature is the soaring gate tower and famous Great Tom bell, still rung 101 times each evening.

Christ Church Cathedral is a century older than the college and is one of the oldest buildings in Oxford. It has the distinction of being the only cathedral in the world that is also a university and is known internationally for the quality of its choir. Also of note is the college’s Picture Gallery, which houses works by da Vinci, Michelangelo and other famous Italian painters.

Oxford’s college buildings are some of England’s finest examples of architectural heritage. Just wandering around the charming buildings and parks of Oxford is a pleasure. The town offers some great museums such as the Ashmoleum Museum, Museum of Oxford and the Museum of Modern Art. The Bodleian Library is one of the most extensive in Britain and is housed in another stunning building. After a busy day of exploring Oxford, visitors simply need to meet the driver of their Minibus Hire Reading, and they will be driven back home.

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